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A generous donation by Brad and Patty Serf; and Art and Lisa Jacobs provided the gap funding necessary to maintain the nostalgic appearance of The REES marquee as the message boards are being upgraded to digital LED display boards. These upgraded electronic display boards are being supported by sophisticated software that will retain the appearance of hanging letters in digital form.

The display boards of The REES marquee are being upgraded digitally; the marquee cabinet structure; including the neon and chasing lights will remain as they are. Jacobs is pleased that the sense of community will be maintained while at the same time improve the efficiency of the communication. “I love seeing weddings, anniversaries and birthdays and all of that information on the marquee. It brings our community together. It’s like the old ways like the newspaper. You are reading what’s going on out there instead of looking at your phone all the time. I love it when they have it all lit up for Christmas and Santa Claus is coming to town. The digital board is just going to be able to keep up with this age and time; with multiple messages and emergencies.” The current display boards and letters will be retained, used and displayed inside The REES on the third floor.

Jacobs and Serf of GIBSON validated the need for a digital message board with safety in mind. Volunteers have gone up and down the ladder to manually change the messages for years. The upgraded message boards will allow for swifter and more efficient communication as the messages can be updated remotely. Jacobs said, “We are blessed to be owners of and work at Gibson Insurance Agency which is a risk management firm. Safety is something that we take passion in.”

Dennis Bottorff and Jack Davis have volunteered countless hours manually changing the letters on The REES marquee. Though Bottorff and Davis have enjoyed making memories updating the signage manually; both men shared their gratitude and relief that the display boards are being upgraded. Coverage of that exclusive interview will be printed in a future edition of the Pilot News later this week.

Jacobs said that if they hadn’t been blessed; they would not be in a position to help. “If God hadn’t blessed us; we couldn’t help them. So it’s not us; but Christ helping through us.”


A generous donation by Art and Lisa Jacobs and Brad and Patty Serf has ensured both safety and efficiency while at the same time preserving the authentic appearance of the marquee. For years volunteers have manually changed the marquee message boards; from early in the morning to late at night; in all seasons and temperatures. An exclusive interview with Serf and Jacobs will be featured in a later edition of the Pilot News where they share their memories of the REES and their passion for giving back to their community. That feature will be followed by an interview with Jack Davis and Dennis Bottorff; who have enjoyed their years changing the signage but are happy that the REES marquee is getting a makeover. 

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