soccer practice 7-28-20
PLYMOUTH - There have been plenty of discussions about whether or not football will be played this fall at the high school, collegiate, and pro levels. As America’s favorite sport - not to mention the biggest cash cow - those discussions will continue to be at the top of the sporting news cycle.
As far as high school competition goes, it sure would be strange not having those Friday Night Lights contests we are all used to, but unfortunately, that is a possibility. As bad as that would be, there are still five other fall sports that, as of now, are looking forward to having a season.
So where does football’s distant cousin, soccer, stand? What are the chances there will be competition on the pitch this fall? Will high school soccer have to wait until the spring? Will it be wiped out for all of 2020-21? Will Class A state champion Argos get to defend its title? Will futbol players look more like football players, having to wear masks or other head gear to stay safe from the coronavirus? If it were up to the coaches and players, they would do whatever it takes to play.
“I believe it is possible to play soccer this fall with COVID restrictions, but some rules may have to be modified,” said Glenn boys head soccer Keith Meola. “Our school has been enforcing state and local guidelines and so far our soccer program has been doing well staying safe and healthy. Soccer, while somewhat of a contact sport, does have distance between players as the game is played out. When contact does occur, it is short and quick.”
“It will be a very different game than we are used to, but I think it is possible to play and I believe that we will play,” said Argos boys head soccer coach Todd VanDerWeele.
“As a coaching staff, with the help of our players and school staff members, we are doing everything in our power to follow protocols set forth to ensure the health and safety of our team and community while allowing our boys to participate in a sport they love to play,” said Bremen boys head soccer coach Mark Yoder. “We have had excellent turn out already this summer for voluntary practices, both conditioning and activity sessions. It is obvious that our student-athletes want to be involved, not only with the sport of soccer, but they also are seeking the brotherhood of a team and the irreplaceable bonds it can build. The boys have done an amazing job of following pre-screening protocols and adapting to ever-changing rules and regulations.”
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