PLYMOUTH - Plymouth high school has a new Assistant Athletic Director that many people in the community will see as a very familiar face.

Sam Sturtevant spent part of his growing up years in the Plymouth schools and after time away at school and the NBA has stepped right in to the hectic world of COVID-19 high school athletics.

Sam started school at Plymouth and after third grade went to South Bend schools and eventually Lalumiere School in LaPorte. The prep school has one of the nation's top basketball programs.

"I wasn't good enough to make the team so they asked me if I wanted to be a manager," said Sturtevant. "It was an incredible experience traveling all around the country when you're 15, 16 years old. It was different. I lived on campus and got close with all those guys and it sort of started my drive for being in sports."

See the story in The Pilot News.

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