Plymouth head coach Ryan Wolf goes through drills indoors.

PLYMOUTH — While the weather has decided to return us to winter for a little while the preparation of spring sports at Plymouth continues to ramp up.

Pilgrim baseball coach Ryan Wolfe is anxious to see what he has after a year off.

"We got all the way up to the day before we were supposed to start last year," he said. "I've missed talking baseball, anything that goes around baseball. I did get a little taste of it with my sons last summer. They were able to play a little bit sparingly but the kids and the coaches and the fans and the parents, I've missed all of it."

"The IHSAA allows us to work with them (players) twice a week for about two hours, they did throw in some conditioning for arm care so we could actually pick up a ball and throw it more often than that, we just can't pick up a bat or pitch off a mound more than that," said Wolfe.

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