mud handoff

PLYMOUTH - Heading to playoff football, Plymouth's Rockies found themselves with a week off due to spring break.

So what do you do to decompress after a long day of practice?

"We went down to Ft. Knox Paintball and took the whole team," said Plymouth coach John Barron. "Coach Kershner, Coach Dingledine and myself went and I'm feeling like a 54-year-old. We had a great time and it was for the kids to have a great time together, some team bonding, the purpose is to bring these guys together when they have a whole week off. We tried to have some fun. It was intense at times but it was a lot of fun."

Team bonding hasn't been a problem for this winless team. In spite of the record, in spite of the difficulties the team has bounced back and worked hard.

"I've learned a lot this year and I hope it doesn't end this week," said Barron. "We had another great week of practice this week and I know it's been hard. It's been hard on them, it's been hard on the parents, it's been hard on the community, it's certainly been hard on our football staff. These guys are great kids and I would really love to see them smile after a football game."

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