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PLYMOUTH - While the world grapples with the way to combat COVID-19 Plymouth's Rockies are respecting the danger but grappling with how to combat the NLC football schedule at the same time.

"Things have been going great so far," said Plymouth football coach John Barron. "The kids have been fantastic. They haven't complained about wearing the mask all the time they're doing everything we ask, they've been great."

"I also have to say the leadership of our AD (Michael Delp) has been fantastic through this," he said. "He hasn't been anything but positive and totally prepared and has a great sense of the magnitude of what's going on."

There is also an unsung hero in the course of the school's return for Barron.

"How can you say enough about our custodial staff?" he said. "In a normal year they are dealing with mersa or whatever staph infection could be transmitted in a locker room or weight room and now this. They are doing an unbelievable job making sure all those areas are cleaned constantly so that our kids are safe."

Figuring out how to beat a nickel defense in third and long is one thing. Figuring out how to beat a virus is another. Figuring out the latter, while still accomplishing something in practice has been a challenge for all coaches.

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