mills bacon

Colin Mills celebrates a big stop with Daniel Bacon, Isaac Navejar and Caden Hooley.

PLYMOUTH - What a difference three weeks makes.

Plymouth's Rockies came back from a forced "vacation" to put together a masterful performance in taking a 36-20 win over New Prairie to extend their playoff lives and set up a date with CMA for next Friday.

"I'm so happy for the kids," said Plymouth head coach John Barron. "We've had so many injuries, we've lost so many of our key players, and we kept telling them all year long just hang in there and let's see if we can get things right."

"I've had a lot of reporters ask me this week if I'm worried about our guys having three weeks off but I wasn't because we practiced so well for the two weeks that we were off," said Barron. "Our seniors led that and our young guys gave a great effort running the scout team. I'm very proud of them."

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