Cardona shot

Plymouth's Adrian Cardona makes a move on the pitch during the Rockies' sectional opener against Michigan City.

SOUTH BEND - The only thing colder than the temperature was Plymouth’s icy grip of the rock at Jackson Field Monday, in their 3-0 victory over Michigan City in the Boys Soccer Class 3A Sectional opener. 

The #7 ranked Rockies masterfully controlled the ball for virtually the entirety of the matchup, leaving the Wolves defenders howling in various directions. 

The first of three goals from the red team came in the 14th minute, as senior Adrian Cardona capitalized on a clever set up by José Rosas. 

Rosas followed his first dish with another assist to Selvin Pagoada, two minutes later.

And, finally, in a blitz emblematic of his team’s offensive pace, Rosas sent one through himself, after a breakaway in minute 59. 

See the story in The Pilot News.

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