Plymouth Argos photo

Argos' Beau Fishburn races Plymouth's Tyler Stiger for possession.

ARGOS - Both coaches could agree on one thing about a 7-2 Plymouth win over Argos in boys soccer action at Eugene Snyder Field on Wednesday.

"They did frustrate us early," said Plymouth coach Grant Masson. "We weren't playing the way we should be playing. We were giving them the room to play. That was part of the problem. The other was that we were making silly mistakes. We came out in the second half and made some adjustments and I think we realized if we didn't do something we were going to get beat."

"I think we did have them frustrated and I thought that would have given us energy," said Argos coach Todd VanDerWeele. "We've struggled against the big teams because right now we don't have the numbers but you have to fight through that and not make excuses and tonight we leaned towards trying to make excuses at times."

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