PLYMOUTH - No one knows exactly what the new school year will look like, but a handful of Plymouth High School students are already getting a head start.
The Fitness Forum at Lifeplex offers a chance for PHS students to knock out a physical education credit by utilizing its facility during the summer. 
“We have had this program for several years,” said Fitness Services Director Christine Jack. “We want to encourage the students to utilize the entire facility through the course. My goal for the program is that they will try something new that they may not have tried before and that will translate into a lifetime of activity for them. We have a wide variety of things for them to choose from so the hope is that they can find something that they can enjoy and that it’s not just about earning a PE credit, but helping to establish a desire for a lifetime of fitness.”
In order to get the school credit, students must complete 60 hours over 11 weeks on their own schedule, but those hours are broken down into different areas. They are required to do five hours of health (which includes an initial fitness assessment, a final fitness assessment, and various orientations), four hours of gym time, 12 hours for group exercise classes, five hours in the pool, nine hours of free time and 25 hours to be completed using the SmartKey workout.
“The current format allows them to complete it at their own pace while also having some guidelines in place to make sure that they are getting optimal benefit,” added Jack. “There really isn’t any specific time they will be in. It’s on their schedule. We ask they not do more than three hours a day. Approximately 5.5 hours a week will get them to their 60 hours by the end of the course. They have full use of the entire facility. Each activity is signed off by our fitness floor staff, aquatics staff or group exercise staff in order to verify that the hours have been completed.” 
Norma Brashere, a Certified Group Ex Instructor with multiple certifications and Fitness Floor Assistant, is doing the hands-on running of the class while Makayla Burtner, a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Group Ex Instructor and Fitness Floor Assistant, is performing the fitness assessments.
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