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PLYMOUTH - Plymouth High School’s athletic department is taking a proactive approach to helping student-athletes, parents, spring coaches - but really anyone - during the stay-at-home edict due to World War C (coronavirus pandemic). 

Part of the plan includes using resources from the Inside Out Coaching Initiative (ISOI), an organization that is one of the leaders in supporting education-based athletics. Each week the Plymouth HS athletic department will have a theme with the goal of encouraging the participants, but also those they can reach out to.

“We felt it might be best to expand that encouragement to include an even greater audience,” said Plymouth athletic director Michael Delp on the school’s athletic website posting. 

This week the theme is gratitude. 

“It is so easy during self-isolation to fall into selfish-isolation and even self-pity,” continued Delp. “Honestly, we worry about that for both adults and students right now. So our challenge this week is to focus on those things we are grateful for.”

Suggested activities for the week include: 

  • Viewing a video called “The Science of Happiness on Gratitude”. The main message of the video is the gift of giving and how sharing sincere gratitude with others actually makes you happier.
  • Sending a note to someone each day and tell them why you are grateful for that person. It was suggested that Tuesday would be to a family member, Wednesday a friend or co-worker, today a teacher or coach, and Friday a health care worker.
  • Share those written words with the person through a phone call or video chat.  

“People need connection and conversation now more than ever,” Delp added. “The awkwardness of explaining why you are calling will literally last a few seconds. After that, you will be sharing a moment that will be powerfully positive for both of you.” 

An added request is that for today and Friday, if someone feels so inclined, to share a video of them reading the gratitude note on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  

“We think it would be incredibly powerful to cover our teachers, coaches, and education support staff with gratitude on Thursday,” Delp said. “In addition, we think it would be equally cool and powerful to cover our community health care workers with gratitude on Friday. While private expressions are probably preferred by most, a public share might lead to a positive ripple effect of this ‘attitude of gratitude’. We believe it can and will spark a wave of others to join in. In fact, we encourage (participants) to challenge others to do so.” 

There is a ‘Gratitude’ sign at the Kindt Soccerplex targeted to healthcare workers as a community reminder to stop and remember those that are on the frontline in fighting this virus.

“‘Thank you’ to the healthcare workers and frontline fighters doesn’t seem strong enough,” continued Delp. “Please know how grateful we all are of your service and sacrifices. We will never know just how much you are giving during this time. Nonetheless, we want you to know that you are appreciated.

“Our hope is that everyone will continue to not just survive but to thrive during this time. There is plenty of negativity, uncertainty, and fear in the world right now. Take just a little time to be the positive light in that darkness. We have no doubt you will be glad you did.

“We encourage everyone to participate in Gratitude Week. We believe it will help you find your own ‘attitude of gratitude’. If you want to take it to the next level, make this a family event this week. Together we are PHS (Positive People who are Healthy and Serving others). Stay safe and stay strong PHS."

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