Leah Tanner (15) battles for the ball in heavy rain during the second half.  Teammate Lauren Manges (11) moves in to help.

PLYMOUTH - The Class 2A Sectional 19 high school girls soccer championship game was definitely memorable. Unfortunately for Plymouth, when the final horn sounded it marked the end of the Lady Rockies’ season.

Fourth-ranked Mishawaka Marian defeated Plymouth, 5-0, in a game that ended 49 1/2 hours after its scheduled start time.

The game was originally scheduled to be played at the Kindt Soccerplex on Saturday night, but the field was unplayable so the game was moved to Monday night. The playing field was then changed to the JV pitch as it holds water better and the 7 p.m. start time was also pushed up to 5 with a storm predicted to move into the area at some point.

That time was just as halftime started when a thunderstorm with some lightning and waves of heavy rain began, delaying the start of the second half for over two hours.

See the story in The Pilot News.

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