PLYMOUTH - This year's Plymouth High School Kizer Award winners had a very unique experience, as it seems every experience is unique these days.

Unable to have the formal award among others on Senior Awards Day at PHS, Graham Calhoun and Kyla Heckaman got their award "virtually". Plymouth AD Michael Delp set up a meeting online with this year's winners and the Kizer family.

"It was different we had a ZOOM call with the Kizer's and I'm really glad that Mr. Delp set that up," said Graham. "Just to give us a chance to show our appreciation for them and awarding us the award and scholarship but I would have much rather had it in person."

Headed for the wrestling program at the University of Wisconsin Calhoun says things are uncertain currently for anything in the fall.

"I just got off a ZOOM call a couple of days ago and everything is up in the air right now," said Calhoun. "They aren't sure when we will be able to get on campus. They are trying out the football team in June and will see how that works out but everything is still pretty much by ear."

Full story in the Pilot News

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