PLYMOUTH - You could actually say that there aren't many people in Plymouth who don't know Park Superintendent Mike Hite in one way or another.

He is the longtime face of the Plymouth Park Department which is one of the jewels of the city. He is also a former Kizer Award winner (Plymouth's outstanding senior, male athlete). He has also met many of Plymouth's football and baseball players as "Coach Hite".

He is one of those Hometown Heroes who decided to make his hometown, his lifetime home.

"There was never any doubt that I was coming back to Plymouth," said Hite. "There is something about the people. Everybody knows everybody and that can be good or bad, but there is a hometown feeling. I remember talking to a lot of guys in college from Grand Rapids or Kalamazoo, that never had that community pride. I liked that."

Hite is literally a part of several generations of Plymouth athletics.

"Is that good or is that bad?" he said with a laugh. "I guess I just had 'Big Red' in my blood."

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