Hard work leads Morrison to Goshen

CULVER — For Culver’s Sarah Morrison hard work isn’t an issue.

The one time five sport athlete, yes five, also found time to have a job and end up on the honor role, with straight A’s for the semester.

“I just feel like I have to be involved,” she said of the heavy schedule. “We’re a small school. If everybody doesn’t get involved we couldn’t have all the sports we have.”

Cutting down to two sports for her senior year — softball and volleyball — Morrison has also competed in basketball, soccer and cheerleading in her high school career and travel volleyball just for a little extra.

“I would leave school and go to work and then get home and have to finish up my homework,” she said. “It was challenging but I guess I already have time management skills.”

Those will come in handy next year as Sarah has committed to play at the next level in volleyball while pursuing her education at Goshen College. It was a natural fit with a family familiarity with the school.

“I’ve always gone to their games and been around the school,” she said. “My mom went there and my sister (Mandy) is there so it really was just a natural choice. I looked at the University of Indianapolis for awhile but I just came back to Goshen.”

The sport — of the five — she decided on was volleyball.

“They offered the sport in elementary and I was in that,” said Sarah. “My cousins played at Plymouth and we used to go to the Ancilla (College) games to watch a girl from Culver who played there. I just always thought it (volleyball) was pretty cool.”

“I’m going to remember the family we built here (at Culver),” she said. “We’re such a small school everybody plays everything and you get really close like family. I just want to be remembered as somebody who worked hard and wasn’t just given their spot.”

With five sports, a part time job and the honor role that shouldn’t be a problem.

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