Hayden winner
Kennedy Hayden goes to the basket for the winning score in Glenn's win over Plymouth on Tuesday.

PLYMOUTH - It went down to the wire but in the end, Glenn was one play better as the Lady Falcons took a road win over Plymouth by a final of 49-48.

The game-winner would be Kennedy Hayden's drive to the basket on the Falcon's last possession that put Glenn up with just a few seconds left in the game. The Pilgrims had time to get a shot of their own but couldn't get a time out before the buzzer to set it up.

"We have to grow our basketball IQ," said Plymouth coach Micaela Schalliol. "I was trying to call a time out there and the ref didn't hear me, but if we don't get that time out we have to realize we are in the bonus so we have to get to the paint and draw a foul."

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