Stone kick

ARGOS - Across family generations, there is shared DNA. In Gabe Stone's family, there is obviously a strand for soccer.

The Stone's are without question a soccer family in Argos. Dad Joe is a former Dragon player who returned to the program as a long-time JV coach for Todd VanDerWeele's program and is now the girl's coach at Argos.

Senior Gabe Stone is the last in a string of five Stone's (brothers Joe, Alex, Vinnie, and sister Alaura) who have all been part of the soccer program at Argos.

While Gabe's Mom Amy didn't have soccer at her school back in the day, it's certain she would have played, at least according to husband Joe. If nothing else she takes the term "soccer mom" to another level.

"I am the youngest of five," said Gabe, laughing and adding, "I'm the one who got beat up on all the time. All the time. I was the punching bag in the family."

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