Plymouth's Lindsay Janus was a star on the field and in the classroom

Part of the end-of-the-school-year festivities are the award ceremonies. It’s always enjoyable and uplifting to hear about the many accomplishments students have made whether they are academic or extra-curricular in nature. 
As someone who sees a lot of high school sporting events during the year, it rarely surprises me when I see who the recipients are for athletic achievements in terms of all-conference, athlete of the week/month/year, etc. But then when the academic accolades start pouring in, in the words of that great philospher Cosmo Kramer, ‘worlds collide.’ Some of the high academic achievers are the same athletes I’ve been watching.
Every year, at least one valedictorian or salutatorian in the Pilot News circulation area competed in high school athletics. This year that number is staggering (see list below). Every school has at least one, but some have two and even three of its top academic students who are also very involved with athletics. In many cases, not only involved, but highly successful, killing the stereotype of the ‘dumb jock.’
See the story in The Pilot News.

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