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PLYMOUTH - A loss is never a good thing but as the Rockies dropped an NLC contest to Mishawaka a week ago, there was some light at the end of a season-long tunnel.

"I saw on the positive side we became a team that looked like we were confident on offense," said Plymouth head coach John Barron. "Besides the negative snaps, we were moving forward. We looked like we were having a little more fun on that side of the ball."

"Defensively our back end is a concern, getting off blocks and running to the ball is a concern," he said. "Some of this stuff you have to take with a grain of salt when you consider who you are playing that's all they (Mishawaka) do is just pound the ball."

"I'm proud of our kids that were in the ballgame," said Barron. "I told them this week that hopefully, we won't have to play them at a position that they aren't naturally gifted to play at."

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