PLYMOUTH - Over the years Plymouth head football coach John Barron has had a lot of help. Help that he's been thankful for.

"When I got here as a 22-year-old kid who just graduated from Butler I thought I knew it all," said Barron. "Then you look at who was here when I got here - Bill Nixon, Jack Edison, Mary Beth Hunter, Bob Read (all members of their respective Hall of Fame's), Alan Shockney, Russ Teall, Tom Isenbarger, Tom Condon. Every one of them helped me become the teacher and the coach I am today. They were happy to do it, and I am thankful that they did."

"Coaching is teaching and every one of them was a great teacher too," said Barron. "Any good coach is all-in in the classroom too."

"Getting a coaching or teaching job at Plymouth was an honorable position, it was where you wanted to be," said Barron. "I remember how proud I was to be a part of this, being a part of the coaching staffs I was on and being able to soak all that up. I was one of those guys that know they are going to be a head coach someday. I knew I wanted that."

"I learned that there is a 'Plymouth' way to do things," he said. "There is the wrong way and the right way to do things. It's an expectation in the classroom on the field and in the community."

"I always knew I was going to be a football coach," said Barron. "It's my love. It's just a game that fits my personality."

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