Bales and Bales

Plymouth coach Ryan Bales with son Nolan at a recent game.

PLYMOUTH - There are many stresses and challenges in the relationship of a father with his son, and adding the relationship of player and coach to that mix can be an enormous challenge.

Coaching your son can be the greatest thing that happens to a father-son relationship, or it can be the worst. Many times there doesn't seem to be a lot of middle ground.

In the case of Plymouth head basketball coach Ryan Bales and son Nolan, the keyword is "balance".

"I've coached all of my boys in various sports while they were growing up. We've kind of had a taste of it," said Ryan. "Of course with a varsity sport, it's at a whole different level."

"We've had to use the word balance," he said. "There have been times that I've had to catch myself as a coach and make sure that things stay for the most part at the gym. The good thing with Nolan and all my boys is that they love sports and they love to talk sports so there are always those conversations in the vehicle on the way home or at home. In terms of being a coach and player that's left at the school and in the gym as opposed to at home."

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