Argos keeper Elizabeth Edmonds (70) and Cailey Markley (back) keep CGA’s Noa Shafeek-Horton (19) from scoring.

CULVER - The Argos High School girls soccer team is having another good season, but the fifth-ranked (Class 1A) squad had not tasted victory in 11 days - an eternity to a prideful program - coming into Thursday’s contest.

Not only were the Lady Dragons trying to snap a two-game losing streak, but Class 2A No. 14 Culver Girls Academy, a thorn in Argos’ side for years, was the team standing in the way.

As good teams do though, Argos rose to the occasion and is back on the winning track after defeating the Lady Eagles, 3-1.

“It’s kind of a bucket list thing,” said Argos head coach Joe Stone. “That’s the first time we’ve ever beaten them since I’ve been here so that’s a big win for us.”

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