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ARGOS - Argos High School Boys Soccer will be hosting an alumni event on Friday at 7 p.m. at Eugene Snyder Field.

The event will consist of a soccer match between the 2021 Argos Dragons and Argos Boys Soccer Alumni. The Alumni team will be led by legendary Argos Coach Eugene Snyder.

The game will be followed by a cookout and bonfire. All alumni, family, friends, and fans are invited to enjoy a fun evening while celebrating the legacy that is Argos Soccer.

There will be a $1 charge for admission to help cover the cost of the alumni shirts. Argos Soccer championship scarves will also be for sale. The proceeds from the scarves will go towards new signs and banners at Eugene Snyder Field.

Scheduled to play for the Alumni team:

1997 - Phillip Ummel

1998 - Scott Bailey

2005 - Kyle Alcorn

2007 - Josh Overmyer

2012 - Ronald Tanner

2013 - Jacob Mechling

2014 - Dominic Cataldo

2014 - Joseph Stone

2015 - Damon Binkley

2015 - Brandon Thomas

2016 - Chandler Campbell

2016 - Spencer Van Der Weele

2017 - Kyle Fishburn

2017 - Evan Johnson

2017 - Travis Tanner

2020 - Caleb Ellis

2020 - Sam Manikowski

2020 - Owen Nifong

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