PLYMOUTH - Don’t tell Joe Olivares that there is no baseball.
Last week, it was three games and a couple of practices. This week, same thing. 
“Yeah, it’s usually five nights a week between games and practice, but I love it,” said Olivares, who is coaching two Plymouth youth baseball teams this summer - one from the B League (ages 10-12), the other a C League entry (ages 6-9). “I just love baseball.”
Coaching two teams might not be the most impressive thing about his efforts. Take a wild guess on how many of the players on the two teams are his immediate family? That would be zero.
“It’s a great game and I enjoy it,” Olivares said of his motivation for coaching youth baseball. “I think I can offer something. It makes me feel proud and I think the kids appreciate it.”
After his playing days at Plymouth High School were done - “I played for Coach Bill Nixon” - the affable Olivares looked for a way to stay in the game by umpiring while also helping as a coach. Eventually he coached his daughter as she went through t-ball and C League. When she was done though, he wasn’t and has continued off and on - mostly on - all these years later.
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