Paitlynn Poisel to compete at Blueberry Festival Garden Tractor Pull ‘Promoting Girl Power’

Paitlynn Poisel poses with her machine. Poisel will be pulling at the Blueberry Festival.
Jamie Stoner
Staff Writer

Paitlynn Poisel is excited to be participating in the Blueberry Festival Garden Tractor Pull this weekend. Poisel turned 5 years old this year and has participated in 8 pulls this season already. According to her mother, Amanda, Paitlynn has 5 more to go.

Paitlynn just started kindergarten this year. She is from Kewanna and started Kindergarten this fall in Rochester. She has competed in Royal Center, Idaville, and travels to ‘pull’ as far as her parents will take her.

Plymouth resident Karen Grayam, Paitlynn’s Grandmother, is very supportive of Paitlynn’s accomplishments. Grayam shared, “Paitlynn just loves to pull whether she wins or not!”

Amanda shared, “Paitlynn is in her ‘zone’ when she is on that tractor. She is focused. She is determined. And she is not intimidated by the crowd.”

According to Amanda, Paitlynn has been around tractors since she was born. “Preston (Paitlynn’s father) pulled in high school. I pull too. We let her start pulling this year. At first I was a little nervous. There’s more to it than one might think. But, she did great. It is really exciting to see her excel at something she is passionate about.”

When asked what the typical starting age is for children to participate in garden tractor pulls Amanda answered, “There is no real age limitation. It depends on their maturity level. Paitlynn is the youngest puller in her division in our group and she is also the only female in her division.” Paitlynn pulls in the 10 hp group.

Paitlynn and her family are members of the Northern Indiana Pullers. Paitlynn stands out pulling her own purple tractor, custom wrapped with color that fades from purple to blue, her two favorite colors. She also wears a pink helmet.

Grayam shared proudly, “Paitlynn is promoting Girl Power! We call her our ‘Lil Dirt Diva’!”

Paitlynn shared with the Pilot News, “I love pulling the tractor.” She shared, “I am excited to be pulling at the Blueberry Festival.” When asked if she was going to get the famous blueberry donuts her eyes lit up with more excitement. Amanda laughed, “Her aunt goes to the festival every year to get blueberry donuts if nothing else.”

The Garden Tractor Pull weigh-in begins at noon on Saturday, September 1. Amanda shared that the event takes place over two days. Please check the official Blueberry Festival Schedule for exact times and location.