Large family gives back the gift of life to CUTEMS

The family of the late John Large -- who passed away in February -- presented Culver's EMS volunteers a poignantly appropriate gift at the service's last meeting, in the form of an Automatic External Defibrillator (or AED), the device which Culver's police department used 10 years ago to shock Large back to life, giving him another decade with his family.

Thanking the family for the donation, EMS director Bob Cooper III (second from left) said an AED saved a life a month ago at a local track meet, adding the machine was on the service's "wish list" prior to the donation. Pictured, from left, are EMS member Brandon Cooper, Bob Cooper III, and members of the Large family John Large Jr, Riley Drobitsch, Brooke Large, Mary Large, Lauren Large, and Alicia Large.