Don Harman

During the Aug. 12 board meeting, Superintendent Don Harman shows the school board one of the safety reflectors donated by First Source Bank and Monte Tires for Oregon-Davis’ elementary students.

HAMLET — One of the new changes that students and parents of Oregon-Davis Jr./Sr. High have noticed is that Dr. Don Harman has assumed the duties of Jr./Sr. High School Principal. This is being done as an effort to reduce expenditures and will be in effect for the 2019-2020 school year.

“My goal is that individuals will not see a difference on a day-to-day operation,” said Dr. Harman. In years past, the superintendent has made it a priority to visit the elementary once or twice a day. These new duties will not effect those visits. “I will continue reading to our kindergartener, first and second graders.”

He will also continue to frequently have lunch with students. 

“I see my role, really just kind of leading the Jr./Sr. High School. We’ve got some great individuals in leadership roles. We’ve got a great support staff and a great set of teachers,” Dr. Harman said.

Some of the goals the corporation has this year is to continue to become fiscally sound with its finances. Another is to improve student achievement and work toward improving curriculum. Developing and refining student safety is also a goal. Exploring various opportunities for students in both the academic realm as well as in the extra-curricular side of things.

“We are looking at different opportunities for Jr./Sr. High School students, to allow those opportunities and students to grow, and have some ownership in their learning at the Jr./Sr. High School,” said Harman. 

There are some new faces this year at the corporation. Dr. Harman stated that the new teachers “have a lot great energy and a lot of great ideas.”

When asked about what some of the things OD accomplished last year, Dr. Harman talked about the quality of the corporation’s staff and how they “grew professionally to help our students achievement.”

Along the lines of growth, he talked about the student body and how they grew not just academically, but in their personal lives. Also, he talked about some of the new programs that were created.

“I think we’ve created some new programs for this year. A prime example would be girl’s soccer. We’re excited to have a soccer team,” said the superintendent.

O-D began transporting students to vocational programs in Knox. 

“I’d say that last year was a real good year for the corporation to grow. Not only with our staff, but with our students. And just thinking outside of the box to create better opportunities for our students,” he said.

As far as how community involvement goes, Dr. Harman has nothing but good things to speak about. 

“I can’t say enough about the support we get from the community and patrons. I’d just ask the community to support the school corporation. To continue to attend the plays, band concerts, athletic contests,” said Dr. Harman. “Continue doing what they’re doing.”

Dr. Harman wants the community to know that if there are any questions, they can contact him at the school at 574-867-2111.

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