Nate Judd went from earning a six-figure income in manufacturing management to making a difference in “man-ufacturing” faith and leadership development within the students who attend The Crossing School of Business and Entrepreneurship. “God has a better retirement plan than my 401K will ever see.” 

Judd is an administrator at the fully accredited Indiana High School which focuses on relationships, empowerment, love in action, integrity and truth.

Though most people think of pallets or “Spark” candles from the entrepreneurship component of the school, the true “spark” at the school is Jesus Christ. “We get to talk about Jesus and the vehicle that we use is school. That’s really what we’re about.” 

Judd is a School Safety Specialist. He holds multiple teaching licenses in the Indiana Department of Education (DOE) Workplace Specialist in Advanced Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Logistics, and Business and Entrepreneurship. He also leads Development and Fundraising within Marshall County for the Argos location. 

Their mission is to empower “struggling students to become contributing members of their communities through academics, job training, and faith-based character education.” He loves the vision which is to transform lives through education by focusing on the heart and mind. “I truly believe that every student is one caring adult away from finding success.”

Marshall County Economic Development Corporation Project Manager Greg Hildebrand said, "The Crossing provides an opportunity for students to learn marketable skills in an atmosphere that is more conducive to their style of learning. Students that for one reason or another weren’t reaching their full potential in a more traditional school setting seem to blossom at The Crossing."

"The Crossing also provides local employers with an opportunity to partner with these students and instructors and benefit from the one-on-one training that they can provide. Students get an opportunity to improve their skills in the workplace and employers get an opportunity to engage with a potential long-term employee."

"Young adults are taught what is required to operate a business and the many moving parts that are required to succeed in business through hands on learning.”

Read about The Crossing School of Business and Entrepreneurship in the weekend edition of the Pilot News. 

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