STARKE COUNTY — The number of positive cases of coronavirus recorded in Starke County is now up to 55. Of those cases, 7 new ones were recorded within the last week.

The Indiana State Department of Health and contact tracing partners work to identify all close contacts of the patients and inform them about necessary infection control protocols. 

The ISDH recently made a new map available that allows individuals to check the specific number of positive cases recorded within their zip code. 

According to the latest information displayed on the map, 23 of Starke County's positive cases were residents of Knox (46534) and 7 were from North Judson (46366). That information can be accessed by clicking the following link:

If there is less than 5 cases in a zip code or if the population is smaller than 1,500, the numbers will not be available on the map. 

The ISDH reports that 835 tests have been conducted on Starke County residents. As of Monday, June 15, testing restrictions were lifted. 

Before, COVID testing was primarily limited to those with symptoms and high-risk individuals as well as health care providers. Now, any Hoosier resident or Indiana worker is permitted to receive a test at one of the State's Optum-operated testing sites, regardless of the reason. For a list of those sites, click here:

The ISDH updates their COVID-19 Dashboard at 11 a.m CDT/ 12 p.m. EDT every day. For additional information visit or call the ISDH COVID-19 Call Center at 877-826-0011.

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