STARKE COUNTY — In order to keep parents and students informed during the school closures, officials from the Knox, North Judson-San Pierre and Oregon-Davis have released information about how their corporations’ plans during the COVID-19 pandemic. These efforts are being implemented in response to executive orders made by Indiana Governor Eric J. Holcomb.

The plans for Starke County’s three public schools appear below in alphabetical order.


  • KCSC will remain closed through May 1st due to the Governor’s order. 
  • Due to the governor's shelter in place order, eLearning is suspended after today until April 13.  All KCSC employees are ordered to stay at home unless specific permission is given from the Superintendent.
  • Spring Break will be from March 30 – April 10th. There will be NO eLearning during this time.
  • After Spring Break, from April 13 – May 1st, eLearning will continue on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Tuesdays and Thursdays will be waiver days.  This schedule MAY be continued for the last three weeks of the school year depending upon the outbreak of the virus.
  • KCSC is delivering breakfast and lunches on Mondays for all five days of the week.
  • As of Monday, March 23, over 350 lunches were being delivered to families in Starke County.
  • Breakfasts and Lunches will be delivered also on Mondays during Spring Break.
  • Please call 772-1600 before 9 a.m. if you would like lunches delivered and you are not on the list yet.
  • KCSC Corporation offices and buildings will be closed beginning March 30. Only essential personnel will be working as needed until further notice.
  • All state mandated testing has been cancelled for all students. This includes IREAD, ILEARN, ISTEP+, I AM, WIDA, and ISPROUT.
  • At this time, we are uncertain whether summer school will be offered. More information will be forthcoming when we hear from the state.
  • The KHS 2020 prom has been cancelled.
  • The KHS 2020 graduation may be postponed depending upon the outcome of COVID-19.  When we do have graduation, it will be held outside at Community Field and we will have alternate dates for weather issues.
  • Parents and students need to be flexible on the actual date and time for graduation.  More information will be coming from the KHS Administration.
  • School Board meetings will not be opened to the public until further notice.
  • The KCSC Building Project is still scheduled to begin on April 17th.
  • Employees will receive their normal rate of pay after Spring Break until further notice. 

Any questions can be directed to the Knox Community Schools’ administrative office at 574-772-1601.


As you know, last week Governor Holcomb has closed all Indiana schools through May 1. On Monday, March 23, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb ordered that residents remain in their homes except for essential reasons. The order is in effect from March 25 to April 7.

Pre-K – 12 schools are listed under the category of Essential Businesses and Operations. While schools are in this category, it is noted the language that states “for purposes of facilitating distance learning …or performing essential functions, provided that social distancing of six-feet per person is maintained to the greatest extent possible.”   

I believe that we are performing two essential functions at this point to our students and community: 

1) ongoing instruction to students

2) meals for our students and community.

NJ-SP will continue to conduct eLearning two days a week throughout the closure period. Please see the schedule below.  

Monday, March 23—eLearning day

Tuesday, March 24—Closed COVID-19

Wednesday, March 25—eLearning day

Thursday, March 26— Closed COVID-19

Friday, March 27— Closed COVID-19

Monday, March 30-April 3—SPRING BREAK No Lessons

Monday, April 6—eLearning day

Tuesday, April 7—Closed COVID-19

Wednesday, April 8—eLearning day

Thursday, April 9—Closed COVID-19

Friday, April 10—Good Friday—no lessons

Monday, April 13—eLearning day

Tuesday, April 14—Closed COVID-19

Wednesday, April 15—eLearning day

Thursday, April 16—Closed COVID-19

Friday, April 17— Closed COVID-19

Monday, April 20—eLearning day

Tuesday, April 21—Closed COVID-19

Wednesday, April 22—eLearning day

Thursday, April 23—Closed COVID-19

Friday, April 24—Closed COVID-19

Monday, April 27—eLearning day

Tuesday, April 28— Closed COVID-19

Wednesday, April 29—eLearning day

Thursday, April 30— Closed COVID-19

Friday, May 1— Closed COVID-19

NJ-SP will also continue to provide meals for our school community. However, we are evaluating the meal delivery process and may change the process after April 9 in order to limit exposure. The lunch delivery schedule beyond April 9 will be shared after Spring Break. The lunch schedule remains the same through April 9.

A note to our seniors: We have every intention in conducting a Graduation ceremony for you. At this point, we are not able to provide dates, times, locations, but we are able to let you know of our determination to make this happen. 

As for the prom, Mr. Polite is working with Mrs. Dudka-Milo on alternative dates, times, locations. Obviously, May 2 is no longer feasible. Please know, every effort will be made to have a prom. 

For our Spring Sports Athletes:  Mr. Sharkozy will follow guidelines from the IHSAA and pass that along when he receives the information.

Mary Poppins Cast & Crew:  Mrs. Ness has been in contact with important people in regard to the “rights” to the performance and the availability of the “set”.  We have every intention to have the show when we resume school or in the summer.  

Superintendent Dr. Annette Zupin added, “I truly appreciate the support and flexibility our students, staff, and families have demonstrated.  These certainly are uncharted waters we are navigating.  If we continue to work together for the best of our community, we will not only endure, but will be stronger for it.“  

Any questions can be directed to the North Judson-San Pierre Administrative office at 574-896-2155. 



The Oregon-Davis School Corporation will operate on the following schedule for Monday, March 23, 2020 - May 1, 2020.

Teachers will be available on-line on each eLearning day between 9:00 a.m. 12:00 p.m. CST.  

Monday, March 23rd - March 27th: No school / Spring Break / No lunch pick-up for the week

Monday, March 30th: No school 

Tuesday, March 31st: eLearning day 

Wednesday, April 1st: eLearning day 

Thursday, April 2nd: eLearning day 

Friday, April 3rd: No school 

Monday, April 6th: No school 

Tuesday, April 7th: eLearning day 

Wednesday, April 8th: eLearning day 

Thursday, April 9th: eLearning day 

Friday, April 10th: No school 

Monday, April 13th: No school 

Tuesday, April 14th: eLearning day 

Wednesday, April 15th: eLearning day 

Thursday, April 16th: eLearning day 

Friday, April 17th: No school 

Monday, April 20th: No school 

Tuesday, April 21st: eLearning day 

Wednesday, April 22nd: eLearning day 

Thursday, April 23rd: eLearning day 

Friday, April 24th: No school 

Monday, April 27th: No school 

Tuesday, April 28th: eLearning day 

Wednesday, April 29th: eLearning day 

Thursday, April 30th: eLearning day 

Friday, May 1st: No school  

Lunch Program:

A sack lunch program will be offered between 11:00 AM CST - 12:00 PM CST at the following locations: 

Door 4 at the Oregon-Davis Jr./Sr. High School 

Koontz Lake Fire Station 

Hamlet Fire Station

One sack lunch per day will be available for current Oregon-Davis student and will be free. Each sack lunch will also includes a breakfast for the next morning for the student. The sack lunch program will be available on the following dates: 

March 30th - April 3rd

April 6th - 10th

April 13th - 17th

April 20th - 24th

April 27th - May 1st 

Additional Information:

All extra-curricular activities including practices, games, performances, and contests are canceled through May 1, 2020.

All field trips for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year are canceled.

No decision has been made regarding prom or commencement. 

Any questions can be directed to the Oregon-Davis Administrative Office at 574-867-2111.

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