Sandra Henry

Sandra Henry

KNOX – A Starke County judge has turned down the plea agreement for a Knox woman charged with allegedly dealing methamphetamine while she worked at a town fast food restaurant.

Starke Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall on Wednesday rejected a plea agreement for Sandra Henry, 52, in a pair of drug dealing cases.

The reasoning for Hall’s rejection of the plea was not immediately known.

An attorney for Henry filed plea agreements in July in a pair of meth dealing and meth possession cases against her.

The terms of Henry’s original plea agreement were also not immediately available.

Hall scheduled a plea status hearing for 2 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 21.

The Starke County Prosecutor’s Office charged Henry in January with dealing meth and possession of meth in October 2018.

The prosecutor’s office also charged Henry in November 2018 with two counts of dealing meth and two counts of possession of meth in September 2018.

According to court papers:

Henry sold meth to a confidential informant working with the Knox Police Department on three occasions last fall while Henry was on the job at the restaurant.

In September, she sold the informant 0.6 grams and 3.4 grams of meth on separate days. She sold the informant 0.7 grams of meth in an October deal.

For each sale, the confidential informant drove to McDonald’s, 1411 S. Heaton St., and parked in the lot. Henry then came out of the restaurant and sold the drugs to the informant while that person waited in their car. Each time, Knox officers watched the sales from a distance.

Knox officers arrested Henry on Jan. 1.

Hall appointed Winamac-based attorney Blair Todd as her public defender.

The most serious charge against Henry is one of the meth dealing counts. The charge is a Level 4 felony, which is punishable by two to 12 years if convicted.

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