BREMEN — There will be a sobriety checkpoint in central Marshall County during Saturday night, according to Bremen police Officer Troy Ulch.

Ulch is the Marshall County DUI Task Force Coordinator. 

Along with Bremen, the Marshall County DUI Task Force is made up of officers from the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department and Bourbon, Culver and Plymouth police departments.

“Impaired driving is one of our nation’s most frequently committed violent crimes,” Ulch said in a news release announcing the checkpoint. 

According to (Indiana Criminal Justice Institute) there were 7,099 alcohol-related crashes across the state, causing 2,098 injuries and 83 deaths in 2016.

“Sobriety checkpoints have proven successful in both raising awareness of impaired driving and reducing the likelihood of a person driving after they have been drinking,” Ulch said.

Overtime for officers working the checkpoints is paid by grant funds through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration via the Governor’s Council on Impaired and Dangerous Driving.

If you do plan on driving, Ulch urges residents to use a designated driver or driving service.

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