During the Starke County Commissioners' first meeting of the new year, several available Commissioners appointments and a few open Council appointments were identified.

In order to keep a balanced board, some positions require an equal number of members from each political party. 

The following boards, committees, and commissions require an appointment from both the Republican and Democratic parties: the Planning Commission, the Board of Zoning, the Hospital Community Board, the Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals (P.T.A.B.O.A.) and the Internal Controls Committee.

Democrats and Republicans are also needed for the Starke County Convention and Visitor's Commission where several spots are available.

Commissioners need several Republican individuals to fill appointments for the Health Board, the Aviation Board, the Alcoholic Beverage Board, the Building Corporation, and the Park Board. 

The Starke County Council is seeking Democratic residents interested in serving on the Board of Zoning, the Alcoholic Beverage Board, and the Park Board. 

There are also open appointments available for the Starke County Drainage Board, K.I.R.P.C., and the Library Board which do not require a particular political affiliation. 

If you are interested in representing Starke County in any capacity mentioned above, please submit a letter of interest to the Starke County Auditor's Office by Friday, January 15. The Auditor's Office is located at 53 E. Mound Street in Knox. Questions can be directed to Auditor Rachel Oesterreich by calling 574-772-9105 or sending an email to roesterreich@co.starke.in.us.

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