MARSHALL COUNTY — Normally, Black Friday is a day where people spend the day spending money on deals. The Salvation Army began their bell ringing collection efforts hoping that consumers act on their charitable nature this year.

“I want to hit about $15,000,” said Doug Kucera, Salvation Army director in Marshall County.

He stated that last year, they collected about $12,000 which was on par with the year prior to that. “The more we can bring in, the more we can help.”

The funds that are collected will be used to help families that are struggling financially. Kucera said that collected funds remain in Marshall County. The Marshall County Salvation Army Service is a United Way Agency. He stated that the funds will help families that are finding it hard to pay for heating bills, rent, medications in some instances, and other things of that nature.

Bell ringers are located at Walmart and Kroger in Plymouth this year. The red kettle stands will be out every day. One of the newer changes this year from previous years is the introduction of the scannable QR code located on the red kettles. This new method allows people to donate to the Salvation Army at anytime, even if the bell ringers aren’t present. Simply use your smart phone’s camera and focus on the scannable QR code. Once your phone detects the code, it’ll ask if you’d like to visit the website. The site accepts donations in the form of Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit card, PayPal, and Venmo. It also allows for any size of donation an on a onetime basis or monthly basis.

If you’d rather donate with a check, Kucera said that checks can be dropped off at Uncle Doug’s Barber Shop, located across the street from the Plymouth Fire Station.

If you are interested in volunteering as a bell ringer, contact Doug Kucera at 574-540-9105 or 574-941-2282.

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