Triton School Corporation scholars

Triton School Corporation scholars assembling what they had disassembled in late August in their Computer Science class. Mr. Shafer continues to practically apply what it looks like to disassemble a computer, diagnose concerns or the problem, and put it back together in good working order.

BOURBON -- Triton Schools Superintendent Jeremy Riffle informed the school board of a number of future goals and shared his appreciation for those working on making the Triton system stronger. His comments came during the Dec. 10 meeting of the school board. Riffle Said, ““We continue to prioritize becoming more ada compliant while also making sure we are advancing our instruction and classroom materials and supplies even more efficient instruction and classrooms.” He added, “We are thankful that our teachers and instructional assistants will realize their increase in base salary, insurance contribution, and stipend on December 20th payroll.”

Riffle thanked committee members Mason Mcintyre, Todd Zeiger and Tim Shelly for their work on a plan to move forward with uses for the old gym. He said, “a timeline for an RFP has been set and how best to work with our community in the process.” the deadline is set for March 13, 2020.

“I am excited to continue to make Triton School Corporation a safe and inviting campus. The partnership between Bourbon Police Department and the Triton School corporation is going well and is keeping our scholars, staff and community safe.” Riffle said. “We continue to have discussions on how best to continue to expand our unilateral agreement with the town to ensure the safety of our pedestrians and scholars as it relates allowing our town law enforcement jurisdiction on our campus.”

He also outlined the points of discussion taking place to have a student represent the schools on the Town Council. He said, “We are currently working on the possibility of a Triton student being appointed to the Town Council as a non-voting member of the council for two purposes.” Riffle said, “a student could learn about town government and local municipalities and represent the Triton student body and the younger generation within our community and help come up with creative ideas for involving our youth.”

Riffle congratulated the robotics team of Brady Heckaman and Lenon Geyer for sealing their berth to the state Robotics Tournament at Lucas Oil Stadium on March 17, 2020.

He also shared comments on the sports teams at the schools saying, “I am proud of our sports teams as they continue to show perseverance, mental toughness, and determination continue to improve. I thank our coaches who continue to invest in our scholar athletes, their character, and the academic success."

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