ARGOS — Dino Vitale, Coach of Ancilla’s Inaugural lacrosse program has signed our own Jeremiah Riddle to play lacrosse at Ancilla College. Jeremiah will be an integral part of the brand new lacrosse program at Ancilla, just as he was when Coach Ryan Humphrey started the program at Argos in 2018. Coach Vitale states, “Jeremiah is a homegrown kid from Argos and already a special part of the team, who can play both long and short pole for our LSM offense.”

Coach Humphrey, who started coaching lacrosse in 2004, says “Jeremiah started with us, moving around to different positions all over the field and is leaving as a midfielder. He vacuums ground balls, can play both long and short pole and will find more utility at Ancilla. He grew so much and became captain his senior year.”

When asked why Jeremiah chose Ancilla College, he said “I wanted to stay close to home and be part of another inaugural program. I took a tour and was hooked, the campus is beautiful. I like the small class sizes, like Argos also.” Jeremiah will be majoring in Criminal Justice.

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