STARKE COUNTY - Owning a pond can provide lots of enjoyment from fishing and swimming. 

Ponds also require some management to provide the best experiences on the pond. Vegetation can grow out of control and hamper swimming and fishing. 

Fish populations can also get out of balance and the fish in the pond can be stunted.

Pond vegetation can be a good thing because they provide habitat for fish, but too much can be detrimental to recreation.

Vegetation can be submerged, under the water, or emergent plants. 

Control methods for aquatic vegetation will vary by what species are present. 

A chemical that can be used to control emergent vegetation like cattails will have no effect on algae in the pond. 

The most popular fish species for stocking in Indiana ponds are largemouth bass and bluegill. 

Both of these species will provide fishing opportunities. 

The Bass will feed on the bluegill and provide a balance between these two species. 

If fish populations get too large in the pond, fish will be stunted. 

To increase the size of the fish, you will need to harvest more fish. 

This will free up resources for the remaining fish to grow larger.

To help pond owners with the management of their ponds, Purdue Extension is hosting a Pond Management Workshop on August 10th at 1 pm Central Time. 

It will be held at the Palmer Center for Aquatic Resources (6718 E. Winona Ave, Knox IN). 

We will be talking about plant identification and control. 

Mitch Zischke, assistant professor of fisheries, will discuss fish stocking and pond biology. 

The cost for the workshop is $10. 

Please Register by contacting Phil Woolery at, or 574-772-9141.

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