Tanya Mullins

Tanya Mullins

PLYMOUTH – A Plymouth woman was sentenced in November to four years in prison after she admitted to selling a substance that looked like drugs.

Tanya Sue Mullins pleaded guilty to the Level 5 charge of dealing a lookalike substance at a Nov. 21 hearing. The charge has a sentencing range of two to 12 years, with six years being the average sentence.

As part Mullins’s guilty plea, the Marshall Prosecutor’s Office dropped three charges of dealing methamphetamine against her.

According to paperwork filed with the charges:

Mullins is accused of selling a substance purported to be a drug in January 2018 to an officer working with the Marshall County Undercover Narcotics Investigation Team.

The prosecutors charged Mullins in April 2018.

In an unrelated case, prosecutors charged Mullins in February 2018 with illegal possession of a syringe, maintaining a common nuisance and possession of meth.

Each of those charges was a Level 6 felony, carrying a sentencing range of six months to two and a half years if convicted. The average sentence is one year.

As part of an agreement with the prosecutor’s office, Mullins pleaded guilty to illegal possession of a syringe and the remaining charges were dismissed.

Marshall Superior Court I Judge Robert Bowen sentenced her two years in prison on the count.

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