PLYMOUTH – A Plymouth woman was sentenced to a decade in prison after she pleaded guilty to allegations that she dealt drugs left her child in possession of undercover officers or an informant as collateral while they retrieved narcotics.

The Marshall County Prosecutor’s Office in late May charged Holly A. Jeffrey, 34, and Bryan W. Stutler II, 26, each with dealing in a narcotic drug and neglect of a dependent.

In mid-August Marshall Superior Court I Judge Robert Bowen sentenced Jeffrey to 10 years in prison after she pleaded guilty to dealing a narcotic and neglect.

Specifically, the judge sentenced Jeffrey to 10 years for dealing and one year for neglect. The sentences are to be served at the same time. The sentence was part of a plea agreement with the prosecutor’s office.

According to court documents:

An undercover Marshall County Undercover Narcotics Investigation Team officer and/or an informant working with UNIT bought 100 Oxycodone pills for $900 from Stutler and Jeffrey at their home in the 4400 block of Lilac Road in early April.

Jeffrey coordinated the sale of the drug and sold it to the UNIT officer and/or the informant.

Stutler drove Jeffrey and another man, Sean M. Snyder, 27, of Plymouth, to St. Joseph County to get the drugs. Stutler also drove the two back to the Lilac Road residence where the drug transaction took place.

Stutler helped repackage the drugs and was in the room when the drug deal happened.

“Information received during the investigation is that Mr. Stutler stays at the Lilac Road address with his girlfriend Holly Jeffrey,” according to court documents. “The couple left their child as collateral while they went and picked up the drugs.”

Marshall County sheriff’s deputies arrested Stutler and Jeffrey in late May. Snyder was picked up in mid-May during a warrant sweep of Lilac Road, according to a previous press release.

The age and gender of the child left as collateral was not stated in the court papers.

The most serious charge against both Stutler and Jeffrey is the drug dealing charge, which is a Level 2 felony punishable by 10-30 years if convicted.

The cases against Stutler and Snyder remain ongoing.

The prosecutor’s office charged Snyder with dealing a schedule IV controlled substance, dealing a narcotic drug, possession of a narcotic drug, unlawful possession of syringe and maintaining a common nuisance.

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