Jonathan J. Ferch Jr.

 Jonathan J. Ferch Jr.

PLYMOUTH – A Plymouth man was sentenced to nearly a decade in prison after he pleaded guilty last month to dealing over 100 narcotic pills in Bourbon last year.

Marshall Superior Court I Judge Robert Bowen on Nov. 21 sentenced Jonathan J. Ferch Jr., 29, to seven years in prison after Ferch pleaded guilty to dealing narcotics as part of a plea agreement with the Marshall County Prosecutor’s Office.

In an unrelated case, Bowen sentenced Ferch to one and half years in prison after Ferch pleaded guilty to dealing narcotics. That was also part of a plea agreement.

The sentences will be served at the same time.

The Marshall County Prosecutor’s Office charged Ferch with the two dealing counts in June 2018.

According to court documents:

In the most serious case, a confidential informant working with the Marshall County Undercover Narcotics Investigation Team said Ferch contacted the informant in early May 2018 saying he had 100 oxycodone pills and 40 methadone pills for sale for $840.

The informant and Ferch agreed to meet at a Bourbon gas station to make the drug deal.

The drugs were sold and the Indiana State Police, working with UNIT officers as well as Starke County law enforcement, pulled the car Ferch was a passenger in over in St. Joseph County along U.S. 31 for speeding.

Ferch was taken into custody on an outstanding arrest warrant in Michigan. The circumstances of that warrant weren’t available.

UNIT officers recovered the money used to buy the drugs. While documenting the drugs before logging them into the Plymouth Police Department evidence hold, they determined Ferch had sold 40 pills of methadone but only 94 oxycodone pills.

In the separate case, Ferch was charged for selling three oxycodone pills to an UNIT officer for $80 at a Plymouth convenience store in April 2018, according to court papers. 

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