Murder case heads to pretrial on July 15

PLYMOUTH — Tuesday afternoon, surrounded by Marshall County law enforcement officers, Duane Nathan Longacre, 35, sat in the conference room of the County Jail. On the other side of the television monitor was Superior Court #1 Judge Robert O. Bowen and the Marshall County Prosecuting team led by Prosecutor E. Nelson Chipman, Jr.

Longacre was arrested Sunday by the Plymouth Police Department and charged with the murder of Jill McCarty, arson, and resisting law enforcement. 

During the hearing, Judge Bowen read the charges to Longacre. When the charge of murder was read, Longacre replied that he was guilty of murder but not of a person.

“I did knowingly and intentionally kill something, but it wasn’t a human being,” Longacre said.

After Judge Bowen read the rest of the charges, he set a pretrial date of July 15. He also assigned Attorney Tom Black as Longacre’s representation.

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