AREA — Meredith Cherry and her horse Apollo traveled through Starke and Marshall County the week of May 13. Indiana is the 23rd state that the pair have traveled through on their trek across the contiguous United States. They started out in California on Jan. 1, 2017 and they plan on visiting all 48 states by 2020. They ride to spread awareness of domestic violence, a subject that is important to Cherry. On their trek through Indiana, Meredith stopped at the Center at Donaldson and gave a presentation about their on-going adventure.

“There’s all different kinds of abuse that a person can experience. And I will say I’ve experienced them all. Yes it’s awful, but doing this ride I feel like at least that I can relate in every way to the people I talk to,” she said. She added that one of the ways she helps people is to listen to their story. “There’s all sorts of reasons why people feel they can’t talk about it. And so I’m often just…here for people to talk to.That’s become a big part of my ride, is just being there for people who have never been able to tell their story and haven’t been able to heal from it because they haven’t been able to express it.”

They begin each spring and travel until the last week of October. On a normal day, the pair travel 10 to 15 miles a day for four days a week. Cherry expects to have traveled 10,000 miles when they finish their ride in 2020.

During the winter months, Meredith will board Apollo and fly back to California to spend the holidays with friends and family.

Meredith relies heavily on the kindness of strangers when it comes to housing. If you would like to host the pair or if you know someone who might and is located near where they are traveling, visit the website at the end of the article. They will be traveling through Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio during this month.

During their travels, Meredith writes short stories and updates her blog with their adventures while on the road. 

For more information about Meredith and Apollo, look for them:

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