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Scholarship winners, their families, and Purdue alums gathered July 28th at Centennial Park in Plymouth for a picnic to celebrate their scholarships and present them their checks.

PLYMOUTH -- Purdue students are awarded scholarship support from Marshall county community Foundation endowment funds.

The Samuel Elliott Perkins IV Memorial Scholarships were awarded to 20 incoming freshmen and 19 returning students.

The total amount awarded from the Perkins endowment was $74,000.

In addition to the Perkins scholarships, the Purdue alumni club of Marshall County awarded a total of $6500 to incoming freshmen.

Scholarship winners, their families, and Purdue alums gathered July 28th at Centennial Park in Plymouth for a picnic to celebrate their scholarships and present them their checks.

The incoming Purdue freshmen scholarship winners were:

Kaitlyn Carothers, majoring in animal science

Jeff Chamberlin, majoring in unmanned aerial systems

Jeremy Chen, majoring in Exploratory Studies

Holly Desalle, majoring in Engineering

Jack Garner, majoring in applied Meteorology

Abigail Griffiths, majoring in Neurobiology & Physiology

Trent Jones, majoring in Engineering

Brayson Leazenby, majoring in Nursing

Laura Payne, majoring in Pharmacy

Abigail Powell, majoring in agriculture Economics

Bryan Ramirez, majoring in computer Science

Halle Reichard, majoring in Nursing

Hannah Rowe, majoring in Veterinary Nursing

Bridget Schafer, majoring in User Experience Design

Brieanna Slonaker, majoring in agriculture Education

Lindsey Stiles, majoring in Psychological Sciences

Jenna Swihart, majoring in Health Sciences

Jennifer Torres, majoring in Spanish

Lillian Wallace, majoring in chemistry

Luke Walters, majoring in Engineering

The returning Purdue student scholarship winners were:

Colin Caine, Senior majoring in Biology

Alicia Dennie, Junior majoring in Nutrition & Dietetics

Grace Enamorado, Senior majoring in Biological Engineering

Kyle Fishburn, Junior majoring in agricultural Engineering

Garrett Garver, Junior majoring in Pharmacy

Trey Heckaman, Sophomore majoring in Professional Flight Tech.

Nicole Horvath, Junior majoring in Political Science

Emma Hunt, Sophomore majoring in Industrial Engineering

Caleb Isom, Sophomore majoring in Nursing

Evan Johnson, Junior majoring in Information Technology

Michael Johnson, Junior majoring in Information Te c h . Systems

Abby Kraszyk, Sophomore majoring in Airline Mgt and Operations

Liz Lawmaster, Junior majoring in Nursing

Victoria Leazenby, Sophomore majoring in Nursing

Abigail Manikowski, Sophomore majoring in Applied Statistics, Accounting

Trevor Neidlinger, Senior majoring in Computer Science

Rachel Rettig, Senior majoring in CNIT with a minor in Spanish

Sara Smith, Junior majoring in Biomedical Engineering

Brock Witmer, Sophomore majoring in Agronomy

The above students who live in Marshall County attended the following schools: Argos High School, Bremen High School, Culver High School, Culver Academies, John Glenn High School, Laville High School, Plymouth High School, and Triton High School.

The Samuel Elliott Perkins IV Memorial Scholarship and the Purdue Alumni Club of Marshall County endowments are invested with the Marshall County Community Foundation.

The Purdue Alumni Club scholarship has been awarded since 2001 and has awarded a total of $57,500.

The Perkins Scholarship has been awarded for the past 10 years for a total of $589,000.

Interesting facts about a few of the Purdue students:

Colin Caine joined a research project in Organic Chemistry working under Dr. Chmielewski. He recently returned from an internship in Singapore.

Alicia Dennie is a featured twirler with the All-american Marching Band. She has the title of Miss Boilerette. She is the current Miss Purdue University.

Grace Enamorado is a mentor for Women in Engineering.

Garrett Garver will be a Boiler Gold Rush Team Leader for 2019 incoming freshmen. He also serves on the Student Advisory Board for the Vice Provost of Student Life.

Trey Heckaman’s summer job is teaching ground school information at Culver Summer Schools and Camps.

Nicole Horvath is in Air Force ROTC. She is the Arnold Air Society Deputy Squadron Commander. She is also the Arnold Air Society Public Affairs Officer. She won the War of 1812 Award of merit for distinguished attainment in the ROTC program.

Abby Kraszyk was a team leader for a research project involving Southwest Airlines.

Liz Lawmaster is on the Nursing Student Council representative and is a School of Nursing Ambassador.

Victoria Leazenby is a Health and Human Sciences Ambassador. She will be Resident Assistant at Purdue Village.

Abigail Manikowski will begin an internship with Purdue Athletics this fall in Guest/event Services. She also plays in the Concert Band and Gold and Black Sound pep band.

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