Marshall County Commissioner Kevin Overmyer and Emergency Management Director Clyde Avery held a conference call with The Pilot News, Max 98.3, and WTCA regarding Marshall County issuing another emergency health declaration.

“With the number of cases that we are seeing and the spike in cases here in the county, the Board of Commissioners, myself and Stan Klotz, in consultation with Dr. Holm and Lisa Letsinger from the Health Department (MCHD), our County Health Nurse, that we feel that this is something that we need to do as government officials of Marshall County and also in conjunction with our Health Department,” Overmyer said.

Resolution 2020-32, a public health disaster emergency declaration for Marshall County, directs all public offices and employees of the county to exercise the “utmost diligence in the discharge of duties required of them for the duration of the emergency and in execution of emergency laws, regulations, and directives whether state or local.”

In terms of the public, the resolution calls for residents of the county to “comply with necessary emergency measures to cooperate with public officials and disaster service forces in executing emergency operation plans, and to obey and comply with the lawful direction of properly identified officers.”

For more information, be sure to grab the Oct. 23 edition of The Pilot News.

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