The Marshall County Democratic Gala

The Marshall County Democratic Gala was held on Sunday in the City Center. Voter registration and exercising voter privileges were emphasized during the introductions of local candidates and 2020 Congressional candidate hopefuls. The deadline to register to vote is Monday, October 7. Eligible Indiana residents with a valid Indiana State Driver’s License or Indiana State Identification Card can register to vote online at

(Editor's note: Make sure to scroll through the entire article to see all of the candidates running opposed or unopposed for office in Marshall County municipalities.)

MARSHALL COUNTY — The deadline to register to vote is a few days away.

Oct. 7 is the deadline to register to vote. The deadline for voter registration is the close of business of the voter registration office locally.

Individuals have until midnight to complete and submit their voter registration application online.

Indiana residents with a valid Indiana State Driver’s License or State Issued Identification can register to vote online at

Voter registration and exercising the right to vote was emphasized during the Democratic Gala held Sunday evening at the City Center. 

Marshall County Democratic Party Chair Shiloh Carothers Milner encouraged attendees to vote and to rally others to exercise their right to vote. “Who is your buddy? Don’t take any vote for granted. Don’t think you know how someone is going to vote. Knock on doors. Volunteer. Ask your neighbor. Who are you voting for? Do you need a ride to the polls? Do you need an absentee ballot? Follow up.” 

Brandon Rich encouraged voter registration, “These municipal elections, the turnout is low. If we can just get people out to vote. Absentee votes early voting starts October 8. Voter registration ends October 7. Now is the time to encourage people to get voting, to get registered. all online in a matter of a couple of minutes. If you find someone who isn’t registered or they don’t know, get online, you can check right there in a matter of minutes. If they aren’t, they can register in a matter of minutes using their Indiana drivers license. Right there.”

The Municipal Election Day is Tuesday, November 5.

Early voting by absentee ballot starts on Tuesday, October 8. 

Pre-election finance reports are due by Friday, October 18. This includes unopposed candidates. 

A caucus will be held to fill the vacancy on the Argos Town Council resulting from member Suzanne Umbaugh’s resignation from the council effective Thursday, September 19. The caucus will be held at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, October 8 at the Marshall County Republican Headquarters located at 117 Water St., Plymouth. Those interested in filing a Declaration of Candidacy must do so no later than 72 hours prior to that meeting. 

Municipal Election Candidates in Marshall County for 2019


Plymouth City Mayor

Mark Senter (R)

Josh Walker (D)

Plymouth City Clerk Treasurer

Jeanine M. Xaver (R)

Cathy Huff Wraight (D)

Plymouth City Common Council - At Large (3 seats)

Greg Compton (R)

Nick Fisher (R)

Bill Walters (R)

Jeff Houin (D)

Robert Listenberger (D)

Jim Vinall (D)

Plymouth City Common Council - District 1

Duane L. Culp (R)

Alejandro Cortes (D)

Plymouth City Common Council - District 2

Don Ecker Jr. (R)

No candidate (D)

Plymouth City Common Council - District 3

Linda Secor (R)

Shiloh Carothers Milner (D)

Plymouth City Common Council - District 4

Randy J. Longanecker (R)

Angie Rupchock - Schafer (D)


Bourbon Town Clerk-Treasurer

Melissa Shawn Clanton (R)

Kimberly Berger (D)

The Bourbon Town Council has no contested seats. Ward S. Byers (R) and Philip John Hanley (R) will be announced as members of the Bourbon Town Council.


Karen Heim (R) will be declared the Clerk-Treasurer for the Town of Culver.

Culver Town Council - At Large (3 seats)

Ginny Bess Munroe (R)

Judy Price Reynolds (R)

Sally Ricciardi (R)

Richard ‘Rich’ West (D)

Joel Samuelson (L)


Lapaz Clerk-Treasurer

Wendy J. Birk (R)

Lorraine Dove (D)

The LaPaz Town Council had no contested seats. Roger Ecker (R), Ryan E. Young (D), and Kelly Chavez (D) will be declared members.


There are no contested races for the Town of Argos. Lisa Mullaney (R) will be declared the Argos Town-Clerk Treasurer, Charles Randy Snead (R), Mary Gibson (D) and Shawn Harley (D) will be declared members of the Argos Town Council. 


There are no contested races for the Town of Bremen. Janet M. Anglemyer will be declared the Bremen Town-Clerk Treasurer. Bill Daily (R), Rick Graverson (R), James Leeper (R), and Michael A Leman (R) will be declared as members of the Bremen Town Council.

Elected municipal candidates will take their oath of office for their terms beginning in 2020. 

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