PLYMOUTH – I applaud this community’s audible desire for a successful re-creation of The Rees that dates back to its announcement in December 2016.

Over the years I have had the privilege of working with many fine people committing to capital campaigns that resulted in positive change for Plymouth and impacting many lives.

A notable example being the Boys & Girls Club of Marshall County.

The Rees Project Committee is comprised of those who have committed their time, talent and treasure for over two years now.

You have my greatest admiration and a community’s solemn thanks and appreciation.

It was well documented that The Rees Project would not be a short-term fundraising effort and the existing footprint of the building would impose its own challenges in creating a community-centered space that is innovative in both design and function.

To IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES is truly boundless for the enjoyment of all generations.

Our thanks to The Wythougan Valley Preservation Council for recognizing that The Rees is steeped in history – and as an edifice known to every living generation – was deserving of restoration.

The Rees marquee is the only recognizable signage from a 1940 Plymouth streetscape that we enjoy yet today.

Now, it is up to all of us to preserve what has long anchored our community and is very well the key to a vibrant sense of place.

To date, nearly 1,000 individuals, families, organizations, businesses, schools and corporations have contributed in multiple ways to reviving The Rees (see contributors page at

Donor funds are in the good hands of The Marshall County Community Foundation.

The biggest supporter financially of The Rees is the City of Plymouth.

More importantly, it has the backing of the entire City Administration which continues to move this project forward.

Most recently the City of Plymouth agreed to be the applicant for a Federal OCRA – Office of Community and Rural Affairs – grant.

This is no easy application, nor is there any guarantee of its award, but every attention to detail was given to this process by Mayor Mark Senter, City Clerk-Treasurer, Jeanine Xaver, City Attorney Sean Surrisi and The Rees Project Committee.

As required, the second of two public hearings was held Monday evening and led by grant writer Shannon McLeod.

With complete support of the Plymouth Common Council and with no members of the public speaking against the project, the hearing was closed and the application will be submitted on Friday.

If awarded, this money will assist in closing a gap in funding.

The Rees Project Committee wishes to thank those who sponsored and/or attended the most recent fundraising event on Saturday, which was the Rees Benefit Concerts in River Park Square.

I would ask that you continue to support The Rees in whatever manner you are able as we continue to secure donor pledges throughout the course of the project.

For a full report on all activities that have taken place since the announcement, please visit the news page at

Lastly, we are extremely appreciative of the immense amount of news coverage and in-kind promotional advertising made available by our local media sources: The Pilot News, WTCA – AM 1050 and MAX 98.3.

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