Knights of Columbus

Pictured is a group from Tuesday evening's scholarship dinner the Knights of Columbus sponsors. The local council has been in Marshall County for a century.

PLYMOUTH—Knights of Columbus is a Catholic all mens organization that was started in 1882 to help with financial support for widows and families as men didn't live as long back then.

They still offer great life insurance benefits to this day among more benefits. 

The local Plymouth Council #1975 was established in Marshall County June 8, 1919. The local council raises funds through a variety of events but stresses those funds stay within the community.

This year since January they have donated close to $30,000 to different churches, scholarships, Marshall/Starke Development Center, St. Michael's School and Church, Women's Care Center, Russel House, Vietnam Wall Memorial and the Rees Project along with others.

One of the events they hold are the Third Sunday breakfasts.

"These have been a huge hit for the last 3 1/2 years," said local Grand Knight Quentin Flagg. The proceeds from the breakfast go to local churches and non-profit organizations. Flagg said, "We have donated to other churches for a couple reasons. To be able to donate more to the community as a whole. And to bring more churches of different faiths together within our community.

"We are all trying to get to the same place eventually and why not try to support and be kind to each other no matter our different beliefs," said Flagg.

They also have a Fall and a Spring fish fry which raise funds for scholarships.

The Tootsie Roll drive with all the proceeds going to Marshall/Starke Development Center.

The bloodmobile for the American Red Cross is hosted by the Knights of Columbus. There is also Sunday night bingo with proceeds going to the community.

This Sunday, June 9, the Knights will have a mass at St. Michaels followed by a dinner at the St. Michaels School.

This is for the Knights and their families to say thank you for all the hard work over the years and to their families for their support while we are gone to do our acts of charity. 

The Knights will have a float in the Blueberry Festival Parade this year and are looking into late summer early fall to do something at the Knights hall for all in the community. 

The Knight Hall is actually called the Plymouth Columbus Club. The website is

Knights are not allowed to have a building through the supreme rules. That is why they have recently taken the K of C off of the building. 

"We are planning to keep working harder to help out our community who have supported us for 100 years," said Flagg. "Please come to our functions as we want to know you and work with you more. All are welcome!"

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