Eagle Scout Project

Holding his Eagle Scout Project layout in the middle of the picture is A.J. Czerniak. The scout presented his Eagle Scout Project to the Crown Hill Cemetery Board and was approved to plot out a total of 1,776 cremation plots and construct a 60 foot fence on the west end of the plots. With Czerniak are the volunteers that aided him in his project.

KNOX — It was a rainy weekend, but fortunately for Eagle Scout A.J. Czerniak and his volunteers, the rain took a break Saturday morning. This break allowed them to get to work on Czerniak’s Eagle Scout Project at Crown Hill Cemetery. The project was to plot out a total of 1,776 cremation plots and to construct a 60 foot fence along the western edge of the newly plotted land. This project spanned land 111 feet wide by 288 feet long. It’s located near John Street in the cemetery.

“It’s close to where I live and I also have a grandfather that was on the board (Crown Hill Cemetery Board) for 40 years,” Czerniak said, explaining the inspiration behind the project.

Czerniak then explained that all details of the project, and also a presentation of the project, was given to the Crown Hill Cemetery Board for approval. The project also had to be approved by the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).

“They were open to the project,” Czerniak said about the Cemetery Board’s response. 

While preparation to submit his plans to the BSA took a couple months, the actual project was completed on that Saturday.

Including himself, there was 16 people working at the project.

“I’ve learned that there’s a lot of labor,” Czerniak said when asked about what he has learned during the course of the project. “I think I’ve gotten a better idea on how to lead people.”

Cremation graves are three feet by six feet. For those interested in procuring a cremation grave, they are available for sale on May 1, 2020. Contact the Crown Hill Cemetery Board for further details.


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