KNOX—Mayor Dennis Estok has issued an executive order for the City of Knox due to the fact that COVID-19 has spread to Indiana and based on information provided to the his office by Federal, State, and County health officials which indicates the potential rapid spread of the virus can be mitigated by limiting public interests. 

The City’s order was created in response to an executive order that was issued by Governor Eric J. Holcomb declaring COVID-19 a public health emergency and the several other executive orders that have subsequently been released which list directives to control and reduce the global threat presented by COVID-19. 

Additionally, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has also issued a statement that community-based interventions can help slow the spread of COVID-19. 

The CDC further recommends that individuals can practice everyday preventative measures like frequent hand washing, staying home when sick, and covering coughs and sneezes. On Sunday, March 15, the CDC issued guidance recommending that no gatherings of more than 10 people take place for at least eight weeks. 

The Mayor’s executive order states that public access to Knox City Hall and all other City municipal buildings shall be closed to the public effective Tuesday, March 24 through Thursday, April 30. 

Those facilities will only accessible to City employees and other individuals deemed essential by the Office of the Mayor, the Chief of Police, the Fire Chief, and the City Clerk- Treasurer. All Police, Fire, Utility, and Planning and Code Enforcement services will remain operational.

Residents are encouraged to use the payment drop-box and online or phone services for payments. 

City Council and other Boards and Commissions meetings will be held only if necessary, to conduct essential City business. 

The City of Knox will continue to offer City services, though some services will be restricted or delayed during this emergency. 

Services deemed "Essential Services," including public safety services and sanitation, planning and code enforcement, will continue to operate with adjustments as appropriate to ensure employee and public safety. Appointments can be made for other essential business requests such as inspections, code enforcement, permits and/or utility related issues. 

Contact Information:

  • Mayor’s Office: 772-4553 
  • Clerk-Treasurer’s Office/Water Utility:772-3032
  • Police Non-Emergency Line: 772-4122
  • Fire Non-Emergency Line: 772-4141
  • Knox City Court: 772-3766
  • Planning/Code Enforcement: 772-5446

All City of Knox Parks will continue to remain open for limited use. Visitors must utilize the rules of social distancing during any activity that includes interaction with other members of the public. Any gathering of more than ten people is hereby prohibited. 

The following park amenities will be closed and unavailable for use: 

  • Shelters Basketball Courts, Baseball/Softball Fields and Dugouts 
  • Playground / Exercise Equipment
  • Pickleball Court
  • Skate Park
  • Splash Pad

The parks will be available for walking, hiking, running or biking. 

Help stop the spread of COVID-19 by remembering to wash your hands often, coughing or sneezing into your elbow, avoiding touching your face, staying more than six feet apart from others and staying home if you're sick.

The order was signed by Mayor Dennis Estok and put into effect on Monday, March 23 and will remain in effect until further notice.

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