new message board

The new message board is located at the south side of the city at Sandy Acres Park. The funds were donated by KHS Alum Richard Mast.

KNOX — During the Knox City Council meeting on Nov. 26, Knox Mayor Dennis Estok informed the Council that the new message board has been erected in Sandy Acres Park at the south end of the city. It’ll be up and running in a few weeks.

“Thanks to Richard Mast’s donation, it did get done,” stated the Mayor.
Earlier this year, Mast contacted the Mayor’s Office asking about donating funds to the city. After discussing the matter and providing a list of projects, Mast decided to donate $50,000 toward the message board. 
Mast is a graduate of Knox High School that grew up in the 1940’s and 50’s. As a basketball player, Mast later became inducted into the KHS Hall of Fame.
The City has been in the process of codifying ordinances that have been approved, but not codified. Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston included this during his Clerk-Treasurer’s Report. “It’s a matter of sending them to Municode in Florida. They enter them into our codification, into our code book. They’ll appear online when you are trying to find a code of ordinances,” he said.
Houston also reported that the City had the bond sale for the sewer bonds. The City received a rating of A-, which was something that was better than what was expected. The bonds were for roughly $2.8 million. 
“Basically we retired our 2009 bonds. That helped us not to raise rates,” stated the Mayor.
The retirement of the bonds helped the City get an interest rate of 2.65 percent. 
“This came back very good which saved us interest around $70,000. Also by retiring the 2009 bonds, with this savings we’re going to save about $150,000. So over $200,000 was saved,” said Mayor Estok.
The last thing Houston touched on in his report was that the City’s 2020 Budget has been approved by the state.
“We were within $289 of our max levy and it was a fully funded budget which means we had an operating balance in every fund,” Houston said.
In other business, the Council approved Resolution 2019-RE18. The resolution is a transfer of funds to balance out accounts before the end of the year.
“This time of year we try to get everything back into the black. We’re coming up toward the end of the year. I say this every time, but we can transfer money within department in the budget, but I like to bring it before the Council so that you’re aware of what’s going on,” stated Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston. He stated that there was a higher amount in the Police Department’s fund due to how the City pays the officers for holidays.
Houston said that there may be another transfer at the last meeting in December.
The Council approved the Resolution by an unanimous vote.
The Mayor touched on the Owner Occupied Rehab Housing Project. He stated that earlier that day there was a contractor meeting. Thirteen to 14 contractors were contacted for bids for the homes in the project. However, no contractors attended the meeting. The project will have to be sent out bids again in hopes that contractors will be able to attend. The Mayor said that this was the first time that had happened.
City Attorney Autumn Ferch stated that the Knox Parks Department received a donation of the Plymouth Wal-Mart. They donated the remainder of their shrubs. Forty-Nine shrubs have been planted at either Sandy Acres Park, Wythogan Park, and Serenity Gardens.

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